Cant understand reason of Hard Rejection. Help!

Hi :slight_smile: Please, give me some of your ideas, why could this happen.
Their answer is not informative at all: " … does not meet AudioJungle’s commercial production standard … " etc.
Here’s preview

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Hi, @Sto_kotov!
To my opinion idea of track is fine. But there some “not AudioJungle moments”. First of all - fade out. Some final hit with natural ending will be better for such type of production. Also arrangement and some instruments far from AudioJungle standarts. Try to listen some epic track to better understand “AudioJungle feel” and to create arrangement with more commercial potencial. Hope it helps you! :blush:


I like your arrangement and again agreed with @LuckyBlackCat . But will also add that you need to check your EQs, cause for me it’s sound a but too muddy, if proper EQ on tracks will not help try to change some libraries. Again, the idea is nice just need to proper mixing/engineering. Cheers mate! :wink:


I had the same cause. IMO it is the same as @FireLast wrote. Check some brightness of this track. BTW I like this track :wink: Good luck!


Wow! 3 answers already! :blush:
Thank you guys for all of your clues. I believe it can really help. :+1:
Now I’ll see what I can do :slight_smile: