Can't sign up for Envato Elements, says problem fetching pricing

Hi, I’m trying to sign up for the unlimited Envato Elements plan but I keep getting an error message that reads:

“There was an issue communicating with the server. Please check your network connection and refresh the page.”.

Then in the Order Summary section it reads: “There was an error fetching your total”.

I got this error a few months ago, tried again yesterday and experienced the same. I thought maybe it was something to do with my account but I asked two other people to try and they got the same error. I contacted Elements support but I haven’t heard back yet. Has anyone experienced this issue?

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Open a Help Ticket they would like to assist you with an official answer.


Thank you. I opened a ticket a few days ago but haven’t heard back yet. I have a deadline this afternoon and was hoping to get it resolved soon. There’s no number or chat option so I thought I’d try the forums in case there’s a work around. I’ll keep searching and wait to hear back from support.

Please keep patience they will reply you as quickly they can.

keep patience they will replied people one by one they have ticket queue they just maintain their serial.
No worry hope they will reply to you soon. :slight_smile: