Can't seem to add products to same basket between verticals to reduce handling fee

Is it really the way you intend the customer experience to go that you don’t even allow products from the different verticals (i.e. Code and Templates) to go into the same basket to increase the order value and therefore reduce or avoid this ridiculous handling fee?

I have just added a product from the Themes/Templates tab and one from the Code tab and end up with two individual baskets - both below the threshold. However, in my account, all my purchases are in one downloads section (as it should be). I consider this a rather nasty streak of yours to really max out on applying extra money wherever possible.

Apologies if I’m wrong and simply made a mistake when adding products - in that case, I’m looking forward to you helping me out by explaining how I can see all my purchases in one single basket with a total that helps me towards the handling fee. Otherwise, my frustration and dislike of your platform has just gone up 10-fold.


You can contact with your purchase item author hope they will help you in this issue


Not sure how this answer is relevant. I was talking about the Envato checkout process. I was trying to buy from two different verticals on your website and ended up with two individual baskets. This has nothing to do with any author.


sorry to hear about that.My opinion get in touch with Envato Support Team they would like to assist you and solved your issue.

This is helpful article about envato item purchasing



If your issues not fixed then please remove all Items from the cart (you can keep a backup list od added items). Then please add all your required items one by one and each time you will add new items just click “keep browsing” button instaed of clicking “Go to Checkout” button. and when you will finish add to cart all items then at top header you will see a Basket icon and besides this you will see count of added items. Click on that basket items there (in case if themeforest platform you will see list of all your items. There from right sidebar you will see Total amount in $ and a button “Secure Checkout”. Click “Secure Checkout” in this page you have options to select payment method and continue.

Please be noted:
You can add items from any marketplace or more than 1 marketplace into your cart basket to get no handling fee.

  • Total cart amounts over $75 USD have no handling fee


I have now tried this several times. The item that will not allow me to go to the same basket is any support extension. Can you please check if you can replicate this. Support should be the same type of purchase as a normal product, right?