Can't see why this track was rejected. Any feedback please?

So i submitted my first track on audiojungle last week and received a rejection today. I’d say i’m fairly experienced in music composition as well as production, so this really baffled me. I’d really appreciate your opinion on what reasons there could be for this song to be rejected.


I think it is a well made track overall! My only guess would be those layered bright claps and percs - maybe they’re a little bit too piercing, loud and distract from the main theme. Just maybe, but that the first thing that i noticed. Composition wise it’s perfect to me.


Thank you PhreaSpirit, i think you might be right. Especially the claps feel quite harsh. I’m gonna go over it again.

You have a great collection of tracks. Nice sounddesign and clean mixes!

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Oh, thanks! And good luck with the resubmission!

Nice production, but imho the intro is way too long.

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