Can't see Ultimate plugin in Admin WP plugins

I purchased the Visual Composer and VC Ultimate Addon and uploaded them to cPanel as the zip files where to big for the WP plugin uploader. I Unzipped them in cPanel as I do any other plugin BUT nothing shows up in the Admin’s Plugin section to be activated.

Please help as I have paid good money for these to work and for then not to even load and activate properly is already not a good sign.



Support for the plugin needs to come from the author

For what it’s worth both plugins should easily upload via WP-admin and it sounds like you are trying to use the entire download from envato rather than just the actual plugins.

So I eventually found that out. All works now thank You.

And sorry about where I place the support ticket as it already took me over
an hour just to find that.
Your site and support options are so confusing that if know that before
purchasing I would have not worried about it, The time I spend on your
website looking for support and obviously still got it wrong was just
outrageously ridiculous to say the least.

Anyway on the other-hand after having used VC I actually loved it and got
more done using it for a day than I did using any other page builder in the
last couple of weeks.
The only issue I found with it (but I could be wrong and have not found
where it’s done yet) is it doesn’t edit the actual theme I’m using which
means I have to keep another page builder to be able to do just that.
Other than that it’s an excellent page builder and I will be buying more
add-ons as I go and need them.

Having said that and since I am here, do you have a plug-in that actually
allows to remove or add sidebars/widgets The default ones at least that
actually works as all I can find is one that is a full page option BUT
which works great for removing them and having a full page BUT that option
doesn’t allow for other widgets to be used. I am after something that
allows me to actually remove the default widgets/sidebars and use them
where I need them on the pages I need them when I need them (no much to ask
when building a website is it).

Anyway if you have one please let me know and if not then I’ll just keep


Just to be clear I don’t work for envato so can’t comment on details regarding their processes.

For what it’s worth you are not the first person to comment on finding it hard to locate the right support details but at the same time in most cases (not all) people have not read the documentation, and from a UX perspective where these are located is probably the best option.

I’m sure envato support are interested in any feedback you want to give.

On your other questions:

  • yes a plugin won’t edit the actual theme. This is going to be the case with any one that you use.

Having two page builders installed is not going to be doing the site’s performance any favours but the only solution would be to try and achieve whatever you have created with one builder, using the other.

VC can usually create most things, assuming they are not very bespoke or custom made for the theme.

  • if I understood you right on the sidebars then you effectively want to have a combination of the default widgets and other widgets on pages?

You won’t be able to have two sidebars from different sources on the same page, plus styling is likely to be different.

Again the only way to fix this is to find/use a singular solution