Can't see my last item from my non-exclusive portfolio

I can’t see my last item
(link removed by mod)
from my non-exclusive portfolio, when i’m logging as an exclusive. What is the problem?
(link removed by mod)

The same issue with our new track: (link removed by mod)
Does someone know why is this happening?
People that are not logged in just can’t see it in our portfolio. And it can’t be found via the Search.

Ok, moderator removes the links but what about the answer? Or someone thinks that we try to promote ourselves?

I’ve removed your links guys, we don;t want you getting in trouble for self-promotion!

As for your issue, although I’m not 100%, due to the fact it was only approved today… I’m pretty sure this is a caching issue. Like how you don’t get your new badge the instant you hit a certain amount of sales, not everything on the site updates instantly.

If it’s not showing up within 24 hours then you should get in touch with support.

Thanks, I hope it will show up sooner.

I remember this. In my case track is not visible for about 2 days. Wrote in support, he said he will appear. You know how it affects the new items. No vision - no sales.