Can't see FRONT END WPBakery Visual at RATIO Theme

Dear friends. I have RATIO, a very good theme. I bought the standalone License WPBakery Visual and I can not access the FRONT END.
From WPBakery they told me that the author must authorize access to the Front End
“Hi, The frontend editor at your end is disabled by the theme author using vc_disable_frontend. You can get in touch with the theme author and get rid of the above code from the theme to get it back.”
Could you help me?
Thank you very much.

Hello :smiley:

Here is the support information for @Edge-Themes the author of Ratio -


Thanks for your reply but I just want to unblock a problem that I did not create and it is an internal issue (problem) of theme RATIO.
Do I have to pay 41 USD (for the ticket) to solve a problem of the author?
It’s not fair and I have no other way to solve the problem.
I have paid envato and not the author for what is envato who should contact the author to solve this internal configuration problem.
Can you pass my problem (previous message) to the author?

Thank you