Can't search by product number???

After purchasing an item from Envato I always keep the product number in the title of the folder so that if I later want to remind myself what that item was I can easily go to the appropriate Envato site and search the product number to see. In most cases this is infinitely faster than trying to open the file (especially for VideoHive stuff). But recently I tried to do this and it seems the search function no longer recognizes product numbers.

Why was this taken away? Can you please bring it back?

If you go to a random item and replace the numbers in the URL with the product ID you’re looking for, it will redirect you.



I appreciate the thought, but I’m not sure that would work. For example, in the image you show, prior to the product number is “/ultimate-transition-mattes-pack/”. If I just change the product number it won’t find it because it will still be looking in the “/ultimate-transition-mattes-pack/” sub-directory.

Am I wrong about that?

It does not look at that text, that is there solely for SEO purposes. Replacing the numbers is fine, and it will correct the product name in the URL for you. :slight_smile:

Edit: Actually it doesn’t automatically redirect you, but it gives you the link to the correct page:

Yup. You’re right. Sorry about that. I see now that it does work.

It would still be nice if Envato would put that functionality back into the main search since it was there until just recently.

Thanks for your workaround! I appreciate it!

Sure, I understand. Not sure why they removed it honestly.

If you want to, you can open a ticket requesting they add it back here: