Can't purchase any template and Support is unable to help

I tried to purchase a template from ThemeGoods on ThemeForest. First thing that pops up is the creation of an account. I create an account with my gmail address and purchase the Grand Restaurant Template. The amount gets deducted from my paypal but I never receive my template. After a while I can see my payment is still pending. I contacted Envato Support by email and tried to verify my account and purchase so I can use the template. It’s been back and forth for almost a week now and my transcation got automatically canceled. Support told me multiple times to check Spam etc. etc. but I never received any confirmation email.
I’m sorry to say that but this is unacceptable as a customer. I simply want to download a template and not bother with creating an account and contacting support with 10+ emails.
I hope there’s a way around all of that.

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There may be some issues with the new accounts but you may try to use “Credit Card” option instead of PayPal and see how it goes.

In addition, you may need to activate your account ( if it’s requested ) before purchasing the item.