Can't Process Uploads After Effects Category

I’m having an issue with sending new item on Videohive. When i upload items and fill out description and keywords and when i click on Upload button “it start to processing” and after few minutes i’m getting message "The upload Processing timed out…"
I’m using Google Chrome…

Should i contact support?

the same… using FF… Evanto problems %%

Same here, since about an hour we can’t submit new items!

Guess it’s a backend issue and it may be related with the other problems experienced recently (Earnings page not showing, invisible items in categories and so on).

It will probably be fixed later, so the best thing to do it is to wait a bit!

If they don’t fix this soon, we should absolutely get in touch with support.



Thanks i hope it will be fixed soon

Same here. From yesterday there was some problems in the profile page as well. Guess some back-end work going on.

Same here, I’m on CodeCanyon. I will probably wait it out, it should be back this afternoon, this issue is affecting everyone.

Looks like they fixed it.

If you tried to submit earlier and you couldn’t, look into your dashboard now. The item should already be submitted, at least it is for us :slightly_smiling:

Works fine now