cant open page

Lately I’ve been having trouble getting to the page. I get an error message. Error 1016
Yesterday, the page didn’t open at all
I’ll be glad to receive your help
Have A wonderful day
Nurit Shimron

Same thing here.
Every day in the last 10 days… the site is down for hours.

same thing for me also.

Error 1016 - same thing .
i think its only in IL.
the change the DNS

Hi folks!

We’re aware of an issue with one of our upstream network providers that’s preventing some users in Israel from browsing Elements pages. The issue is related to DNS change propagation.

We have an incident running on our status page that you can use to check the status; we’ll update it when we know more.

In the meantime, you can try using an alternative DNS provider (e.g. Google’s or Cloudflare’s resolvers); they may get you around this problem until it’s fixed by the provider.

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Sorry, I take back the part about using an alternative DNS provider, that won’t work. What will work is to use a VPN with an endpoint outside of Israel. If you have access to a VPN, please use it to access Elements for the time being.

We are pushing our providers to get this resolved as soon as possible. It is also affecting other sites besides ours, so hopefully they solve it quickly.

Hi folks,

Our providers have told us the problem is now fixed. Please try again, and let us know if you’re still experiencing this problem!

good morning.
Thank you very much for helping.
Everything works great
Have a great weekend


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