Can't open articles because of WP Jobhunt plugin


I have a wordpress site with JobCareer theme from themeforest on it but WP Jobhunt plugin blocks me from opening articles. When I try to open an article, it redirects me on the home page. When the plugin is deactivated, article can be opened but there are also lines of code all over the website.
The plugin is necessary for the theme to work properly but blocks me from opening my articles. Can someone please help me as the support team is not answering ?

Thank you.

Hi @talentandfirm,

Please contact the author of your purchased theme, the theme author will assist you.

How to contact an author to get support or for any technical query:



I’ve already opened a ticket for that but I don’t have any answer

please give them time to get back to you with their reply. Thanks

It’s been more than 3 weeks now…

You can post a comment here:

Hope theme author will reply you soon.


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