Cant log into x theme forum-site is down-urgent

Hi guys,
I cant log into the x theme forum anymore and the password reset doesnt send me a change password email(not in spam folder either).
Its na emergency as I cant access my WP backend since updating WP. I log in via FTP and changed the theme folder name and even deleted X theme and reuploaded the latest X theme(with teh bug fixed) but cant login to backend. My hosting is up in 4 days and I wish to move host…so this is so urgent right now!
Can you advise please?

I don’t think the support would provide help regarding to the issues caused by WordPress update but you can try.

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I’m experiencing difficulty logging into the forum, and it appears that the site might be down. Is anyone else facing this issue, or is it specific to my account? If there’s a known solution or workaround, I’d appreciate any guidance.

I can see your post, assuming you’re talking about some other forums.