Can't locate original Download on site (More Details Inside)

Just a user here needing some help, this is my last resort lol

So I downloaded a reveal template for a Client and just recently lost everything that was on that hard drive.All I have is the final rendered client file (which the only edits were the color being changed from purple and the logo obviously being changed).

Im hoping that someone can recognize the project and give me something to help find the download so I can have the project again, and no its not in my downloads section of my account, for some reason… I have scoured basically the entire library of reveal, intro, glow, aftereffects sections and I cant seem to find it. (i believe it was from Envato as im trying to remember what the logo was before I changed it, but out of the few sites I was looking for a template Envato seemed like the logo that was there initially, that or motion array…)

This would be extremely helpful as the client is asking for updates on it and im no where near the level of skill needed to recreate or even come close to this quality of work.

The file is linked here from my Google Drive: