Can't install update to Woocommerce PDF Catalog

I got a notification that there is an update to the Woocommerce PDF catalog. Seems to be the only plugin that I can’t just click update in Wordpress to update. I downloaded it and tried to install it and It errors out every time with what looks like a timeout.

Anybody have any idea how to properly install this update?


Please make sure your hosting server running PHP 5.6+ (required to make update and compatibility).


I have PHP 5.6.40… still failing to install.

I think you will need php 7. if you check wp-admin dashboard Plugins page there under the concern plugin there can be a alert/warning about php version. You can contact plugin author for more details and support.

How to contact an author:


I think I am fine on the PHP version.
Their page says:

Compatibility / Requirements
WooCommerce 2.0+
WordPress 3.8.1+
PHP 5.6+
Multilingual Support (WPML)

same happen to me. … timeout