Can't install quickstart for joomla 3.x template


I have a simple question for you.

About 7 months ago I’ve installed THIS template on test hosting where I’ve been modificating template before the installation on target hosting because the target one wasn’t bought already, domain too. I’ve bought this Gravity template on regular licence.

Now I finished editing template and I would like to install quickstart on my target hosting and then just install there a backup file from test hosting.

Test hosting:

When I’m trying to install Joomla by quickstart there’s no installation steps. There’s just information like on the end of the installation (you can see it on the img below).

Is that mean that I shouldn’t test things on my private hosting before the installation on target hosting or it’s not about that? If it’s possible please help me what should I do or if it’s because of licence just tell it.

Of course if I chose delete installation folder I can’t login then on my admin panel because I couldn’t configure my new database (on new hosting) details while installation.

Can you tell what steps did you take to move the quickstart from your local server to the public server?
Of course it’s not a license issue.


Thank you for the answer.

To be honest it is my first experiance with bought Joomla template but I think that I’ve done everything good.

At first I uploaded by Filezilla unpacked quickstart to head folder of my new hosting.
Then I checked my details about database which was created so I’ve decided to go to url/installation/index.php to install Joomla via quickstart and then troubles cought me.
There was only this final installation page with information like on uploaded img (in main post).

If I missed something then I am really sorry but I think that I’ve done everything ok.

And like I said - I’ve been working with this template on local (xampp) but also on the public server, where I was testing things for 100% of things usage like google maps, callendars, etc.

I see. It’s hard to figure out without seeing exactly what it’s about.
What component did you use to backup on the previous site? And what archive format did it output?

I use Akeeba Backup but it’s not about that because I can’t even install quickstart well before making any changes.

I’ll tell more about my steps.
I just downloaded again quickstart package from my account on the page where I bought this template.
Then I just unpacked those files and uploaded via Filezilla everything onto main hosting folder.
After that when I typed …/installation/index.php there was only this final installation page with option to delete installation folder.

Maybe there’s any possibility to change database and admin account details manually?

Solved. I just deleted all uploaded quickstart folders and I uploaded it again and it works.
Sorry, sometimes the easiest solution and pointless for the first look is the best solution.

Thank you for your time and the answer.

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