Can't import demo content - no invoice - no help

I can’t import the demo content. I bought another envato theme 2 years ago and I had the same problem. So I gave them my password and they imported the demo content.

I also contact them and told me they were busy.
Besides I want an invoice of my purchase.
If i don’t get all this I would like to have a refund.

The reason why they are busy, if they are not really busy is because of the “2 year” time-limit.
Most of the authors are required to provide support within the first 6 months after the purchase. Assuming that you’re using WordPress and you’re on the latest version, the theme may not be compatible with the latest version or you may have some issues on the server side if you’re using “Managed WordPress” hosting.

You can get your invoices from your account ( Check this article for how to )

If you have downloaded the item already, you will probably not gonna get the refund.