Can't I test a theme without paying it??



I want to try offline the Medicom theme to see how much it is customisable from the back-office, but I can’t download it unless I pay for it.

What if it doesn’t fit my needs at the end? Can I so get a refund?
I’m planning on shopping for it from Lebanon (no VAT). If I do so, will I be able to work with it from France, as this is where I’ll be developing the website?

The business target is in Lebanon though.

Thank you.


You can ask the author for the features you wanted in the theme. You can ask for a demo video, or if they support the item, then they can help you even if you dislike it, they will manage, but the correct way to overcome this problem is contacting author because he knows the product better.


I don’t think so though you will have everything you need in the Live Demo as most of the themes have both front and back-end examples.

If you download the item after purchasing you’re not eligible for a refund