Cant get to be able to reach seller

Went to their ticketing system but can’t open a ticket as it says I have one from a year ago, then when I try to login with the ticket number it says authentication failed, then when I try to send a general email it just loops and doesn’t get anywhere.

Seller Chimpstudio
item food bakery theme.

When did you buy the item? Support expires after 6 months (unless you extend it)

I bought it a while back however my issue is not about “support” per se. I removed the theme and deleted this site a while back. Then I wanted to take another go at it on a different server but when I try to use my license, it says it’s already registered on another site and to remove it from the other site to use it on this new one, but that site is gone so I can’t deactivate the license from there. Weird too cause I’m pretty sure it was the same domain name. I need them to do it manually.

use the form on the lower right hand side of their profile

thank you. That worked.


keep in mind that themes of this author have disclosed unfixed XSS vulnerabilities. For example, FoodBakery theme.