Can't get the token for demo content

I used to have paid subscription in Elements. During that time I purchased the Shella for Woocommerce theme. Now that I try to install it and start the shop, it asks for a paid elements subscription to get a token to access the demo data.
Is there any way to get the demo data since I already purchased that template.

envato elements don’t sale product instead provide download features by susbscribing there. if you purchased the theme from envato market (as like themeforest) then you can create token and use that one for demo import.
please check theme documentation if there is nay guideline how to get demo data.


Thank you mgscoder,
Yes i downloaded the theme using elements subscription at that time, and was not a themeforest download. The documentation to download the demo requires:

  • a purchase code if it was bought from themeforest

  • or to install envato plugin if downloaded from elements (which I did)
    and proceed to request a token. This is were it asks me to pay for a new subsciption again.

I hope there is a way to get that token without having to buy a subscription just for the demo data.

Unfortunately, elements downloads do not come with purchase codes and cannot use certain premium features such as auto-updates etc.

Some authors give the demo content with elements items but it won’t be possible using either of the routes you list above.

I would suggest reaching out to the author and see if they are willing to share the content another way (they are not obliged to)