Can't get Newspaper theme working

Hi all,
I bought theme Newspaper and it is not wel, I’m redirected to a page to activate and there I need to enter Order ID. After enter that ID all goes wrong, it still stays asking that number en a loop. Otherwise if I want to join the support for the theme they kick me

What I’m doing wrong?
Just bought the big envato offer to try to find answers

Thanks in advance
Adrian from the Netherlands


you can contact with your purchase item author @tagDiv right here as a commets



Thank you purchasing our theme. If you need more technical assistance, please open a new topic at our support forum from here -> and we are ready to help you.

Best regards!
Catalin L.

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Thanks for the reply.
My problem is ENVATO, our (volunteer) organization has 3 ENVATIO accounts, Last week we paid their offer for unlimmited access. This money and the payment to you they took in and after that we haqd no access anymore on all 3 accounts. Our order for you is also dissapeard . We wrote to ENVATO and still no answer.
Our organization, the Dutch Genealogical Society, has a Legal Department and I’m on the point to put our complaint to them. It is not your software because I like that. But the point not able to use it due ENVATO is the problem. Perhaps you can push them a little forward in this.

Thanks in advance

Ad Bakker
Board Member ICT Dept.