Can't get hamburger menu on mobile site


I have been trying to get through to the author of the theme I’m using (Alone) by the company seems to be having internet issues. I feel like this is a fairly benign fix, I’m hoping someone will recognize what I’m doing wrong.

I am trying to get a hamburger menu on my mobile site. However, no matter what I do my menu is located horizontally across the top of the page.

I’ve recreated two menus: a main menu and a mobi menu (which starts with a custom link for the hamburger menu).

• Primary Menu: Main Menu
• Secondary Menu: -
• Mobi Menu: Menu Mobi

I have tried placing the main menu in the mobi location, but I get the same result. I know something’s working as I can see the hamburger icon. Any thoughts? My url is:

Thanks so much - I’ve been trying to resolve this for a few days but with no success


Hello :smiley:

Have you tried opening a support ticket with the author -

It seems like they’re fairly responsive. I’ll also tag the author @Bearsthemes into this thread.



@CoachR : Hi sorry, our system ticket just down a few days but it is working now. Could you open a ticket here with info your site, we will check and help you asap ! Thank you !


Thank you bro :wink:

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Thank you. I have done so. Their site has been down for a while. I did just receive a request for me to open a ticket; however I did so a few days ago. The initial response was not helpful; when I explained this the second response was the same as the first. I gave the support person my ticket number, so hopefully I’ll get a response. Thanks so much for guiding me, though!