Can't get an item accepted to save my life

Check out the 3 most recent ones on my SoundCloud profile. What is your opinion, how far are these from any other track here on AJ. Brutal honesty, but any compliment will be welcome. At my wit’s end trying to compose for AJ. Feeling defeated. Usually the response I get here is that my tracks are not commercially suitable. Evidently I don’t seem to understand what that means.


Hey Phoenix,

they are all nice tracks… but are lacking that commercial edge… you might actually be overdoing and overthinking things. Keep things simple.

I also believe the mix is lacking a bit to be honest… lots of low end from the drums and the rest all seems high end, no nice and warm low mids and mids.

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Hi! I don’t think AudioJungle is the platform for you. Your tracks are so creative and diverse! They are more suitable for film and movies - try film scoring. AJ buyers are looking for simple items with nothing too special about them.

I think this is a huge part of it. The tracks are obviously well done from a composition/programming standpoint. But listening in my studio it’s like someone SCOOPED the mids out big time! Hollow would be the best way to describe it from my ear-point!


It feels like the orchestra is at a distance, and there seems to be too much compression in various elements --and they seem like they’ve been applied individually at varying levels, and not on the mixbus. This can be okay with certain instruments, but in one of the tracks it sounds like the strings are compressed separately from everything, so it sounds like it’s not part the same track. For hybrid trailer tracks it’s usually okay to compress percussion differently than everything else. And if you do compress things differentially in the mix, there needs to be something gluing it all together to make it sound like they are all part of the same track/recording.
Like others have said, some really unique stuff here.
Don’t feel bad. Having a track rejected on AJ is like a badge of honor.
It can be confusing and frustrating at times. Just keep trying. Sometimes there doesn’t seem to be much rhyme or reason for rejections/approvals. Just don’t give up.

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Hey guys,

Big thanks for all your replies. They really made me feel better, and I’ll really take into consideration the advice