Can't find this song that we want to purchase? Can anyone help?

Tried Soundizer - but not luck - any other options to find this song?

Here is the original link that goes nowhere now:

The song is 2:40 - has some piano and other ambient, corporate, dramatic tone.

How can I attach the song to this comment for someone to hear as the link above goes nowhere.

Here is a download link for the song. THANK YOU!


sorry, I never heared that track before. But I could offer you one of my tracks with a quite similar mood and way of playing the piano. Just try: Inspiring Moments

Thanks for listening and good luck with finding the right one.

Thanks - great song. May actually use this. Appreciate the response.


Also check this one :slight_smile:

Would be great. :slight_smile: Thanks for the consideration. :ok_hand:

Bought your first one. Thanks.

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Oohhh, fantastic. Thank you very much. :smiley:
BTW, good choice. :joy:

Needless to say that I would appreciate a good rating as well. :blush:
And if you like a link to your project on my item page than just contact me via my profile page.

Thanks again and all the best to you!