Can't find the video stock through its preview number ?


I feel a bit stupid, but I can’t find the stock footage i’ve download for preview, through itsfile number…
any clue ? please


Hey @gregpassard

Yes, unfortunately the number in the preview filename doesn’t always match the item ID.

Can you upload the video preview to YouTube and then share the video here in the forums? Maybe someone will recognize the item.


Hi Osama, thanks for your answer and your help.
this it


Here you go: :smiley:

In this case, the item ID and the number in the preview video filename do match up, so it was pretty easy to find the item

If you need to find an item by its ID number, you just need to go to a random item and replace the numbers at the end of URL with the ID you have and it’ll redirect you straight to the item you want.

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that’s clever ! Thanks Osama for your swift solution !