I uploaded an item 3 days ago. it was showing under review in CURRENTLY PROCESSING ITEM section. But right now the section doesnt exist and i cant fine the item. Also I received no email.

Hello @MikdadHaque

There are three possible outcomes when you submit an item:

  1. Accepted - the item appears in your portfolio
  2. Soft Rejected - the item appears in the “Hidden Items” together with some instructions from the reviewer. You need to fix the issues mentioned by the reviewer and resubmit the item.
  3. Hard Rejected - the item disappears from the dashboard and doesn’t appear in your portfolio or in the “Hidden Items” tab. This means that you will not be able to resubmit it.

If it completely vanished from the places mentioned above, it means your item was hard rejected.

To get notified about the submission results you need to enable the Email Notifications. Please go to Settings → Email Settings and enable the “Item Review Notification” box. You’ll get e-mails for your future submissions.