Can't find a music at audiojungle - "epic - dubstep" by artyom telegin

I’ve downloaded this song’s preview for a video, in March. Now that the video is approved, I can’t find the music to buy it.

The strange thing is, it was in a collection I created, but it’s gone… although there are 3 items in the collection “thumbnail”, when I open it, there are only 2…

Can someone please help me?
Otherwise I’ll have to make a new edit… with a new song… and wait again for the approval…

Most probably his account was closed for some reason…(

Sorry to hear that wefly.

It could be that he closed his account, or that the acount was closed… who knows.
If it helps, here is my epic dubstep collection:

Good luck!

Hi, @weflyportugal!

If you still need music for your project take a look at this. Maybe it will suit :slight_smile:

Hi @weflyportugal if you are looking for un new track

Hi @weflyportugal)) Sorry I can’t find this account :relieved: Maybe Envato closed his account for some reason!
But nevertheless, maybe my music will be bit similar like you used in preview))

In any case, Good luck :+1: