Can't figure out the email address I purchased DP Blend theme from - need to Upgrade

I need to upgrade my site’s old DP Blend theme (currently says version 1.1; the oldest version). I need to update it so that I do not need to start all over configuring a new copy of these theme. I do not remember what email address purchased this theme and therefore have no idea how to upgrade this theme to the latest version of “DP Blend”.

I would greatly appreciate any detailed advice on how to get my currently working DP Blend theme updated to the latest version without starting all over.

Thank you!

You can’t update it without getting access to an account with which you’ve purchased it. Either that or you will have to buy a new license with the current account.

Is there any way to confirm the license number from the files within the theme directory in order to then track down what the account was which had bought it?

License number is not kept in the theme files.

If you did contacted the author from your old account in the past, there may be some information about it either in the item comments section, or author’s support forum or his email archive, depending which channel you’ve used (if any).
Otherwise you will have to remember your old email or get a new license (but you will also get 6 months of support).

Isn’t there any possible way to update our theme from version 1.1 to the latest version without having to recreate a new installation from scratch? Isn’t there something in the way the theme gets authenticated as being a valid purchase which allows for back-tracking that it was an authentic license? I really hope there is something that can be done to update this theme and minimize the time that has to be spent on this. It seems that version 1.1 cannot work past php version 5.4.2 and cannot work properly in php version 7.2 or higher. This is why this has all started to be a problem. I appreciate any advice you can give me in order to get this version 1.1 theme to continue to work in the latest versions of php on CentOS.

Also, I am a bit confused by what you meant when you said: “there may be some information about it either in the item comments section, or author’s support forum or his email archive, depending which channel you’ve used (if any).”

Where exactly in Wordpress do I go to see the “items comments section”? Where do I go to see the “author’s support forum”? Where do I go to see “his email archive”? What do you mean by “depending which channel you’ve used (if any)”? What is a channel? I would greatly appreciate detailed explanations to all of this. Thank you in advance! I greatly appreciate your help.

You do not have to re-create a new installation from scratch at all. Unless the latest version is so major that it requires it (very unlikely). You just need to get access to your account with the license.

The thing you are talking about exists, it is called Envato Market plugin which is used to update directly from the admin. If you’ve used it in the past, then you should already have it set up on your site, but I assume it is not the case because this thread wouldn’t exists.

Again, either you can remember your old account’s email address and regain access to the account, or you will buy a new license. There are not really other options.

Ad comments section and all those other things: I am talking about finding the item here on the ThemeForest. However there is no theme called “DP Blend”. So I guess first thing would be to actually find the correct item here on the marketplace. It is also possible it was removed, in that case, you won’t be able to update at all. Check out the theme detail in your admin, there should be author details, maybe URL, use it to find the author of the theme.

Is this the theme?

Yes, I think that was the theme: “DP Blend”

After you looked at this theme “DP Blend” which I confirmed the link with you, I am still concerned that buying the latest new theme version will require more work to install it and configure it rather than just updating the older theme we already have installed. Am I misunderstanding what it takes to use a newly installed latest version rather than upgrading the old version 1.1? If so, please explain in detail. Thank you so very much!

V1.1. was from 2015 so yes the process is extremely unlikely to be as simple as just adding the newer version.

The exact details are impossible to say without access to both the copy you have and the latest version and then time to examine the two

You are misunderstanding it quite a bit indeed. The process of updating will be exactly the same whether you update using your old account/license or a new one. It is still the same theme, same files.
As pointed above by Charlie, the update can cause issues, because you haven’t updated for way too long, but it has nothing to do with the fact that you will or will not use your old account.

With the new license you will at least get 6 months of support so you can reach to the author and ask him about any potential issues when updating from the old version.
You should of course also create backup of your site before update.

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So purchasing a new copy of “DP Blend” theme from a new account can be used (just as easily) on an existing Wordpress site to replace and old version (v1.1) of the theme “DP Blend” which was likely bought in an account I do know the email address of and cannot gain access to?

It can but substituting a version form 5 years ago with an up to date copy is almost certainly going to come with challenges - there have been some big changes in WP over the past few years that will inevitably be a consideration

It absolutely doesn’t matter which account you use. Contact the author to ask him about any potential issues from updating from such an old version and make a backup before you update.

I tried to create a new account at Envato for successfully. When I tried to add this new theme “DB Blend” to my card and tried to add an additional 6 months of support and clicked add to cart, I got an error each time I tried which states:

" This page isn’t working

If the problem continues, contact the site owner.


Please advise how I can purchase this theme without getting this checkout error.

Thank you

Try again in few hours, if still no luck, please contact the Envato Support. Please read this article, you can submit a ticket at the end of it:

i have an issue i purchase theme from themfroesst website. but when i install this theme on my wordpress wesbite i got error .

The style.css stylesheet doesn’t contain a valid theme header.

Theme installation failed.
what should i do please tell.

Please read this:

If you have further issues, then create a new thread please. Don’t go off-topic on existing threads. Thank you.

I contacted Support and did not receive an auto-response for creating a support ticket nor did I receive any email from envato or themeforest. Any way to know if my support request was actually created or being processed?