can't download plugin with anual subscription to elements

Hi guys, can’t download chatbiz even thougn i have an anual subcription to envato elements paid forward already. I’m on a subscription since it started.

this I can’t download: ChatBiz - ChatGPT Saas & AI Content Generator Keynote by pixslides

Are you sure that you are definitely still subscribed? I can’t see any reason why if you are, then you would not be able to download the item.

Otherwise ask support Envato Elements Help and Support

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yep, I’m suscribed and usually download stuff every day but not this one. I can’t find the item on elements either, and on the page, even if I’m signed in it only allows me to add it to the cart… to buy it and still got the “join elements” banner :roll_eyes:

You’ll need to download this item through the Envato Elements platform where your subscription applies, rather than where licenses are sold individually.

This particular item is available on Elements under a different name:

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