Can't download my Admin Template I've purchase

I try to download Metronic Admin template multiple times today, the package is huge, 2,1 GB and it seems fine until the last part of the download, when I am at 2,1 GB it fails on both Chrome and Edge browser. I get an error saying “Couldn’t download - network issue”. Do themeforest have any issues at the moment?

You could contact the author, but more possibly this might be something to do with your own Anti-Virus software - maybe.

Go on Google search and type in:

Couldn’t download - network issue

And the results bring up various potential issues that you might be experiencing.


Do you have access to another PC or phone to proof network connectivity? This will resolve if the problem is a result of the network or your PC.

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Thanks. I updated the LAN driver and after that it worked fine.

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