Can't complete soft-rejected item, Please help

Ho community,

I created an item which is soft-rejected(5 times). In first rejections there where some suggestions like improving typography, spacing problems. I tried to do as good as I can and improved it but still it’s not good enough. Please provide as concrete feedback as possible as after 5 soft-rejections I’m in complete vacuum in terms of idea for improving this item. I really like it(all parts) and think that changing something will kill the base idea behind it. Third-part view on it would be very helpful for me.

Demo link:

Thank you in advance

hi, related to the spacing, you should have vertical consistent spacing between sections in all the design. Also don’t use lorem ipsum text and put some text that attracts and goes well with the template

All the best

@SeventhQueen +1
and don’t justify the paragraph text.
try to improve the countdown text.
and improve the subcribe form section

There’s some bugs when resizing the browser window: The borders in the corners of the “main content” do not look good when resizing. I see the bug in all browser sizes. When you load the page for the first time in a window > 900px wide, everything looks good, but if you load it in a window < 900px wide, elements overlap, I think almost all the problems are related to the borders in the corners of the content. Also, when resizing to a smaller screen, elements looose their positions, and the hight of the page does not resize well.

Maybe you should write a jQuery function that dimention elements every time the browser window resizes, and every time the page loads.


When I say “the height of the page does not resize well” I mean this blank space between the elements. I think the .content div has a fixed height that does not fit well when the screen downsizes. Also, you can notice in the image below, the element that provide the borders in the corners, is not centered as well as the form either. The background in the image looks white, but that’s because there’s a problem with my addon to take screenshoots, your background looks good. By the way, I’m using the current version of Chrome to see your item.

Good luck!