Can't change charity theme colors from default

Hello everyone. Currently using the Charity Theme for my website. But can’t seem to change the colors from the default orange to my preferred colors. Even though I have applied changes in the customize tab, there seem to be no effect at all on the website both during preview and after publishing.

I would appreciate all the assistance I can get regarding this thanks.


Can you clarify which Charity theme you are using?
We have one great Charity WP theme. Are you using this one?

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Yes please. This is the one I am using. and I imported Demo 3

Perhaps there are some issues with the CSS stylesheet.

To help you solve this faster, I forwarded your message to our supporters and they ask if you could create a support ticket on our VIP support forum for Charity WP so they can discuss directly with you and try to help you out.

You can check this note on how to create a support account and create a topic:




Thank you I’ll attempt that right away