can't buy item in unlimited download

I’ve purchased a monthly plan, but still can’t buy this item

Maybe Envato introduce in the item details if said item is available in Elements, Audiojungle or both to avoid this problem. Surely it would be a case of merging databases for this to happen?


Unlimited downloads is only for items in Envato Elements, audiojungle is not part of this.

Maybe to help Elements subscribers there should be an availability check box to help traffic find their chosen item. Would avoid buyers/subscribers frustration.


Or they could just remove the false advertising of Unlimited Downloads on Audiojungle.



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Totally agree. If on the item page you see advertising for unlimited downloads, the logical thing to do is to think that item will be included. How many times have there been people interested in our tracks, they see the advertising for elements, they sign up, and when they realised our item is not there, they end up using another one?
Misleading advertising. It should indicate whether or not the item is included in elements. I’m considering adding it to the descriptions.