cant add categories to main menu - using sns simen theme for wordpress

Hello Every one,

This is Harley,

I have just enabled sns simen theme for my ecommerce website.

I have deleted some of the categories that came with the theme and added new ones.

But when i go and try to add the new categories to main menu I can’t search/locate/find/add the newly created categories.

Can someone help please?

this is my first time…:slight_smile:

Hello :smiley:

Here is the support information for that theme -

I’m sure the author will be able to point you in the right direction.


Can i ask why i have been take to payment page? my current purchase when my current package includes the 6 months support.

The link from @KingDog is not to pay anything else (assuming your purchase is under 6 months old). It’s just the overview of item support.

If you want a direct link to their support forum then it’s here

Note you may need to register or provide the purchase code there to access the support

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