Can't access Udesign Support

I’ve now purchased Udesign Theme Support TWICE in the past year and I’m unable to access it. The first time was during pandemic and I “gave them a break,” but ended up losing my $40.

Now I need it and password reset, etc. have been tried. Even emailed Andon directly and no answer (3 tries)

Anyone have a way around this bottleneck?

Which password?

I’m given a choice to login with either my Udesign Support PW (which I’ve had for years) OR my Envato PW…also, had DIFFERENT one…for years.

Neither works…I deleted both from auto-fill ASSUMING that the “forgot password” method would work on Udesign Support…they’ve now promised me an email with a reset no less than 5 times…and NONE ARRIVES.

I’m a month into my SECOND plan since last year…and STILL can’t access support. This is extremely frustrating.

You will need to get some support by them. Noone here can help you with their systems’ login issue