Can't access to the dashboard

Hello everyone,
I’m new on codecanyon and I have a problem.
I cannot access to my dashboard. When I click on Start selling. I must ans a form and when I completed it, I’m redirect to the home page everytime…

I have done this form at least ten times …

What can I do ?
Did I miss something ?

Thanks in andavance.

I understand that you can fill out the form as many times as you want to re-select a different category that you need. It then changes the start page by selecting a category.

Hi @nicolasr_z you have already joined as an exclusive author. So, you don’t need to again click on Start selling. Just go to and login using your login credentials. Also please check your email and follow the email if need any confirmation of your email. Thanks


Indeed, I didn’t need to click on start selling, but jsut click on my profil et go to dashboard.

I feel like a noob haha.

Thanks all.

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