Can't access any forum features [FIXED!]

The last couple of days I’ve been unable to access my forum profile, messages or settings. Just get this message;

"Oops! That page doesn’t exist or is private."

Just me or is this for everyone?

Ok, this is really weird. I can view everyone else’s profiles, but it’s as if mine has ceased to exist. Can a forum moderator please check this out? @SpaceStockFootage @KingDog

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Nothing happens when I click on your username. Definitely some kind of bug.



I have somehow, cloned the badges on the forum :rofl: and I do not know how to return back) Help me :blush:

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Discourse may be working through some bugs l. Hopefully they’ll have it fixed soon :grinning:


Still not fixed. It’s like my forum profile has been erased :worried:

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@AlisterBunclark Indeed your profile on the forum is not available (it does not appear for detailed information). Wait, maybe they know about this and they will soon solve this problem…

Here is another user profile having the same issue: Unable to update my forum profile - Getting internal server error
(for reference, maybe it is helpful for developers fixing this)


They see? :slight_smile:

6 days no one can see it. It’s sad. Very good that you noticed @hevada ! :wink: I’m sure that you will give the signal to the developer and those who work in Envato’s hackers. :slight_smile: Most likely he is not alone in this problem! Thanks for the fact that you paid attention to it!


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There’s dozens of us- dozens!

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