Canon G7x mark II for STOCK Footage and Photography?


Hello everybody.

At the moment I use Canon 700D with 18-55mm, 55-250mm and 50mm lenses for stock footage and photography. As I travel a lot and do travel stock footage and photography, it became very exhausting to carry all the equipment so I am considering to go for some lighter camera.

I found Canon G7x mark II as a possible substitute for 700D. The sensor is smaller (13,2 x 8,8), but the highest F stop is 1.8 which is great and plus supports RAW. It has amazing IS for videos so I don’t need a tripod anymore. In total, 4 kg less for carrying while traveling.

I read some awesome reviews about this camera. Everybody says it’s a good camera with good tech specs. I also checked sample videos and pics and they look very good. Still, I am in doubt whether I can use it for stock footage and pictures.

My question is: Is there anyone here who uses Canon G7x mark II (or Sony RX100 IV) for STOCK and have some footage/pictures already accepted on stock websites?

Thank you.