Canon D80 Makes Corrupted Pictures



I have a big problem with a Canon D80, and I’m not sure if it’s the camera or the card. So, about a month ago I took some pictures (about 270, long trip…) on a 256GB card. Everything went fine till I noticed that the camera began to behave wierd. So first 120 pictures are fine, nothing wrong, but then when I wanted to take a picture, it went fine in camera gallery, turned off my camera then on and it simply could not preview them. When I went home to open them on my laptop even Photoshop could not see them (even though they are big, details like time are still intact). Well, my bad was that I should backup what I had left, format my card and continue my life taking pictures, but there were just 5 bad pictures corrupted, so I said that it’s something wierd and it might come back to normal (cause why not… i need a prize for this, ik).

Photoshop says “Could not complete your request because a JPEG marker segment length is too short (the file may be truncated or incomplete).

Is there a way to recover the pictures? I tried some programs for recovery. Just to be safe since then I left that card how it was, no file moves or anything. Some say that they are gone forever and some that there is still one chance to recover them…




You could try IrfanView, you can search it and download it from google. It’s a very useful and easy utility which usually sees damaged files that other apps cannot open/see.

Try opening the files with this IrfanView utility and then try to save them as JPG again from inside this utility.


What have Canon said about it?


Did that and apparently got nothing :frowning: Also, I got a software for this and let my pc run like ~30hrs to search them and still nothing. I think they are gone forever…


Didn’t post about it on their forum or something. It’s the SD card, not the camera. Found out that my friend bought a cheap SD card from aliexpress or something like this. Anyway, everything we see is made in China, i get it… but that SD card was suspicious.