Cannot upload tracks

I cannot upload my tracks antone knows where is the problem??

I think you didn’t join as a Author. Please click “Start Seling” at top menu. login your existing account And choose as Exclusive Author and continue. Hope this will fix your problem. Thanks

The upload is broken

The upload button is currently in Flash. You need to have Flash installed and activated to be able to use it. This will change soon as they are rolling out a non-Flash version.

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Flash hasn’t worked for me in Chrome for about a month now, despite uninstalling, reinstalling, etc. I’ve been uploading using Firefox, in which Flash seems to be the only thing working as it should.

I think Google has “decommissioned” Flash for Chrome. To get it working you have to unblock it manually on a site-by-site basis.

The new non-Flash version should be out soon hopefully.

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Tried it. Didn’t work…

Hi @dimeu3
please try in this way. Click on the flash Icon then in popup click allow button. Hope will solve your issues:

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why my zip file has been rejected??

  • Audio Preview is required
  • Audio Preview ‘piano’ was not an acceptable audio format for a preview