Cannot save because scratch disks are full

I got this really annoying problem, I know I don’t have any more free space left on the drive dedicated to PS, but come on. How much PS requires? Last time I fine tuned the settings everything slowed down greatly. Why can’t it use simply more RAM? I hate the idea of swap, paging files. They are so slow… or should I invest in a very fast disk for these kind of stuff? I’d buy more RAM then that’s all no more swap files? Can that be done?

I'd buy more RAM then that's all no more swap files? Can that be done?

Not really. Most software is written to expect to write to a page file. You can get an SSD drive however and put your page file on that, which is a good compromise.

How much PS requires depends on the file you’re working on.

It’s 200-300mb in size, a number of smart objects, 2-3000ish resolution.

Yeah I see where this is going. SSD’s whoaaa :wink:

You can select a FASTER Drive for Your Scratch Disk(s).

Right now I use my main HD, I average around 6Gb free space there.

But I also use 3-4 others, I have 3-4 Scratch Disks in use at all times.

You need to Quit PS and Restart after setting the Scratch Disks.

A Firewire Drive would be best for the Scratch.

Is it better to have scratch files on both a slow and a fast HDD just to be sure there are 2 files, or just 1, but on the faster HDD? I placed it on the newest HDD of mine and it runs quite fast.

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