Cannot save as the PPTX document as pdf in office 2013


Cannot save or export pptx files as pdf using office in built functionality. No fix is available. Re-installed few times and the error message says there is an error while saving the file. Same for save as or export. This happens just with this one file. It is very frustrating.


In PowerPoint 2013, this option is in the Save As… and Share features from the File tab. If this option is not available, there is a problem in your install.
It is not clear from your question which 2013 version you have, but a reinstall or repair should clear this up.
One other thing to try is saving the files as .ppt instead of .pptx and see if you can convert the .ppt file to .pdf. If you can’t convert the .pptx to .pdf then we know the problem is in the .pptx file and you can check the .pptx file for causes. It is possible that it is corrupted. See if the following article would help:


Hi, Thank you for your time and great help. I really appreciate your feedback and I am very thankful for your time and support. Solved!
Many thanks.