cannot report & comment anymore

Hi i cannot find proper section for this, so a mod or admin can move it to right area for me if possible.

But i would like to be able to comment again on products so when i want to buy a product i want to be able to ask the seller questions about their product before buying, but i cannot do that when comment form is missing.

I also noticed flag icon no longer shows up on other comments so if i was blocked from this then i would want to know for how long and if it’s possible to get another chance so i can comment to other sellers when needed since not all sellers have website and some do not answer on their e-mails which is why commenting is best option for me since they answer me there.


Make sure you logged in to the marketplace. If you’re sure you’re logged in, it may be the limitation that you’re having issue with. No one could say anything here, you need to contact support, if that’s the case.

thing is i get same layout as when i’m not logged in but logged in.

So i will see if a staff here can answer this otherwise i will have to wait for them to answer my ticket i made on their help page.