Cannot re-register NexForms after disabling & enabling plug-in


We have a wordpress website for which the hosting team had to disable our plug-ins to troubleshoot an issue with 502.
When trying to re-activate the NexForms plug-in with our valid code - we are getting the error message: “Sorry we are not able to process your request”.

We are using NexForms 7.8

Any idea how we can re-enable NexForms? All our forms on the website are down.

Thanks in advance.

Is that a plugin b y the author Basix? If so, you should get in touch via their support page as they’ll be the best person to assist…


Thank you for responding. I tried that site before coming here - but when I entered our code, it kept saying the purchase code is not the right format.

Seems like we are stuck in a circular loop with this.



Please use the item Comments page to post a comment and let them know the issue you are facing.