cannot paginate or use 'page break'/'more' default functions

Maybe someone has an answer to this.

I bought a few themes (actually many) over the last several years. Almost all (maybe all i didn’t check) seem to break the core feature of adding a ‘more’ or ‘page break’ from WordPress.

I have a theme now I can’t break the page or paginate it and it’s killing me. I have several pages to edit.

I guess i’m a little bummed that when we bought this we had support, but now that ThemeForest changed their support to 6 months with a renewal, i still believe we should be grandfathered in. But that’s beside the point. i can’t put a ticket in at all without spending 42 dollars.

i’m hoping someone knows a solution I can use?

The only solution is recoding the theme but it’s not going to be free - I think. If you’re looking for a paid support, you can contact me:

Thanks. We can actually do that with Javascript, I was just hoping I could use something already built out. I do see this plugin but I don’t know if it will work

I was just hoping to do as little work as possible LOL