Cannot leave a review

The help says to go to your download page and their should be a button to leave a review. There is no such button. I want to leave a review for the developer of a joomla template. How do I do this?

Click the star rating next to the item in your download list - this will open a box where you can state why you are leaving your rating and you can add more info

there is no star ratings next to either item i’ve purchased.

Can you screenshot your downloads page and share it here?

This is for a purchase from themeforest and not elements right?

Yes, themeforest. I just noticed the stars on one item. sorry. The other item says it was removed by either staff or the author. This is probably why. I emailed the author to get a refund, they refused. I would think that since I cannot get the updates for a year, like I purchased, that the author violated some sort of agreement.

may be there are any specific reason to remove the Item. More info here.


Removing items is a tricky one - as @mgscoder said, there are a number of reasons why an item may go, and this risk is outlined when buyers sign up to shop here.

That said if it’s during the 6 month support period (or longer if you have extended) then it may be worth talking to support Envato Market Help and Support