Cannot install On The Eve Of Halloween video. Tried for hours.

Hi, cannot download “On The Eve Of Halloween” video into After Effects. I use Adobe Cloud online After Effects. Has anyone had any success. Ideally I want to edit the text and turn it into a mp4 file. But I keep getting a message on the After Effects screen stating that the file is not supported and only partly installs. So frustrating as I really want this particular video. Can anyone help? Janet

If you are on a mac and use After Effects 18.2, go back to version 18.1.

18.2 is broken. Adobe did really mess that release up.

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Hi thanks for your kind reply. I use Windows PC. Yes, I am trying to get a reply from the devs but they are not responding yet. Do you know anyone that can convert it for me?

Correct. It is 8.2 version I am using. I subscribe to the Adobe Creative Cloud version.

Post a screenshot of the error messages, maybe I can help you find the problem

Where can I find the link to upload the file?

Ooops,says new users cannot upload files but error message states:
The source compression type is not supported.

Find the older version of AE in your cloud subscription (assuming you are not just using a free demo) -

Thanks. I’ll look for one. It is a monthly subscription. Keep fingers crossed…

Erh! Could not find an older version in the Adobe Creative Cloud. Back to square one.

Click on the 3 little dots next to Open, then Choose “Other Versions”.

To let me know the error messages, you can also just write them here, btw.

Hi, have sent email with error file and zip files in question. The zip file is the main video and the additional “smoke” file is the smoke feature inside the video. Thank you, Janet.

Hi, the file I sent was too large. Have resent error message only. Can sent zip video file is will help separately, Janet