Cannot install Dolomia hiking template

I cannot install the Dolomia hiking template, does any one have the same problem? I did not check the reviews for this template and the results are obvious… Do you know if they return the money?

Any help is welcome



It looks like you are doing wrong. This will help you:


Roy, you’re uploading the wrong item, as @CocoBasic has pointed out you’re encountering a common error which comes from uploading the wrong .zip file from your download from Themeforest. Do the theme author a favour and remove that 1-star review, remember, this was your mistake. <-- sorry if that sounds harsh, not my intention :slight_smile:


CocoBasic thank you so much for your help it was actually the topic that you pointed you to me that resolved my problem. I will put my sugestion on what to not include for first time users like myself.
Thanks again!

Was I supposed to receive this kind of template for 71 dollars? Jesus Christ i’m very disappointed in this experience…

This is what a WordPress theme looks like when installed, regardless of where you buy it or how much it costs, until you populate it with either demo content or better still your own.

Your purchase will include documentation which will almost certainly explain how to import demo content (if it is included) and the basics of the theme.

Reading the item page there is “one click import” to set up content so requires no experience of WP (note: images may well not be included) and a help video that covers installation

I have just found a video of how to one click import and just performed it but there’s more steps that are not clear on the video it just runs to fast … it seems that you have to copy a line string of code and paste it to the wordpress content the video is just so annoying to fast…

It’s all pretty basic steps

If this is alien to you then you can always hire the help of a freelancer to set everything up for you at

While I get it can be frustrating to begin with, none of these problems you have faced are the fault of the theme or author. In actual fact, there’s more help here than on many other themes.

There is also the author’s support (assuming your purchase is under 6 months old), however (while most auhtors will help) installation etc. is not covered by support policies

  1. One click demo button

2) Copy/paste the theme options (without access to the item, I can’t see where these are but it looks like there is a file in the item download) into the top field in the bottom of the Dolomia options

3) Assign the relevant navigation and menus

Just a a follow up on this topic I have requested my refund because the author is a non responsive representative and the theme continues to brake. Just so that you know. This theme does not work. Hope that no body goes true what I went with him. He doesnt even understand english correctly. Maybe I share all the email here so that you know what im talking about. DO NOT BUY THIS THEME!

And a special thanks to all of you who helped me to install this.