cannot get image captions to display

Hi, I’m using maison theme on the website I cannot get image captions - which I have added to image files in the media library - to display on the front end. Can anyone help? Thank you.


For any technical query about theme functionality the best choice will be contact theme Author and let them know How to Contact your purchased theme Author, theme author will be happy to answer your query. Also you can check theme documentation.


Can you please explain this with more detail?

I see the instructions are:

To post a comment:

  1. Sign in (or sign up!) for an Envato Market account
  2. From the item page click the “Comments” tab
  3. Scroll to the bottom of the page and type your comment
  4. Then, click ‘Post Comment’.
    If I go directly to Envato Market, I’m invited to become an author. I don’t want to do this.

If I go to and sign in - where I have an account - then I can choose Envato Market again and see a different screen

Clicking on “ALL ITEMS” doesn’t help

So I typed Maison in the search bar to find the Maison theme, which is the theme I’m using.

There I see huge graphics to sell me the theme, a list of documentation etc., but NOWHERE to post a comment and NO contact info for the theme’s developer.

I need to get help with this theme. Please help! Thank you.

I can’t see any buyer badge in your profile. have you purchased the theme from envato market (themeforest)?

I’m the webmaster for a client, who owns the website. They bought the theme a few years ago and don’t have a record or license number to provide to me. But given that the theme is on their site, doesn’t it follow that they paid for it? I’m just trying to determine why when I add captions to photos, the captions will NOT display on the page. It appears that captions will display only in Edge Image Gallery widget. Any help would be much appreciated. Thank you.

tell your client to contact theme author to get support. I have given link how to contact theme author. Thanks

Unfortunately, the link you sent earlier:

was what I referenced in my prior email explaining that this link does not lead to any place where I - or my client - can locate or contact the theme author. Can you please give me a place where I can actually either reach a page with a submission form, or an email address where I may send my question? Thank you.

your client can contact theme author here:

in the above page have to click ‘Go to item support’ button. it will take to the theme author own support systems.