Cannot get help with themes purchased via Envato

Why do you make getting help for purchased products difficult? ELearningWp and Eduma do not work with LearnPress 3.0 update. Both broke my website!!!

Below is eLearning WP. Either help me or give back refund for both themes I bought.

Have you contacted the author?

Theme specific questions need to go via them rather than envato.

Please be aware that the author’s support says that it can take up to 2 business days

No reply from them. It has been over 2 weeks.

Using Education Park (Version: 1.1.3) By Yudlee Themes with no problem. While not the better look, at least it works, and that is much more important. Since I have not been able to get help, how do I go about getting a refund? Both themes useless to me.

Hi again @Coroneldp

I’m not sure why you mentioned “no reply from them”

We responded to your other topic yesterday right after you sent the message here with detail instruction of how to create a support topic on our support forum for the themes but haven’t heard back from you Your Themes do not work with LearnPress 3.0

On our support forum, you created one support topic a few weeks ago and has been responded in within 24 hours (same day) by our supporter Phuc Pham and still not heard back from you ever since. (Screenshot: )

So, please respond to the support topic you created, or create a new support topic on our VIP support forum for elearningWP so our supporters can discuss directly with you and try to help you out with your issue. We are pretty sure you haven’t done all the configurations and update properly so that the theme is not fully working with LearnPress 3.0 on your site.



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Still no help with my problem. I downloaded the latetst eLearningWP theme as of 4/20/2018. Upgraded all the latest plugins. Now instead of getting circles when I go edit a course, I get lines where the lessons should be. I need to talk to a tech person? Not submit a ticket and get no solution. With other themes I do not have a problem with LearnPress. Why are they hiding from public? They can call me!!!

Well, if you insist on , please send an email to so he can help you solve the issue.

We can help you anywhere on any platform but are you willing to share your site’s login credentials publicly here? In order to be able to help you check the issue, we will need our developers to check your website to see what’s wrong. The issue could happen because of anything, could be some conflicts within the plugins, or the low server configuration, etc. In order to check your site, we will need your login credentials and our support forum is the best place to do it because it prevents others from seeing your information. That’s why we insist on you creating a support topic on the support forum. It’s also what other theme developers instruct their customers to do when they get some issue.

As mentioned above, please send an email to so he can discuss with you directly to help you solve the issue.


Thanks but I finally figured the problem out on my own. It had to do with a setting in the wp-config file.